Evgeny Bunimovich (b. Moscow, 1954) is a poet, essayist, secondary school mathematics teacher, author of mathematics textbooks, a newspaper columnist and a deputy in the Moscow City Duma. He was a founder of the Poetry Club. His poetry and essays have appeared widely in Russia, and abroad in both Russian and in translation. Four books of his poetry have appeared: Prosto net takogo goroda Parizha (There Is No Such City as Paris, 1990); Potomu chto zhivu (Because I Live, 1992); Stikhi (Poems, 1994); Estestvenny otbor (Natural Selection, 2000). Since 1996 he has written a column for Novaya gazeta (The New Gazette), winning the Independent Press Prize in 1997 and the Union of Journalists of Russia Prize in 1998.